Withings launches Pulse 02 & adds Blood-Oxygen tracking

Withings launches Pulse 02 & adds Blood-Oxygen tracking

unnamed (1)Withings announced the launch of their new latest activity tracker, Pulse O2, an overhauled version of their first activity tracker, which they launched last year.

Like the Withings Pulse, the Pulse O2 tracks your sleep, your movement, and your heart rate; however, the new Pulse O2 also tracks your blood-oxygen using oximetry, i.e: estimating the level by shinging a light on your finger at a close distance.

For Withings, this marks a continued investment in the Connected Fitness space. Their ensemble of products – the sleep-tracking Aura mattress slip, their blood pressure monitor, their body scale & now the Pulse O2 create an increasingly complete quantified self ecosystem, which all comes together via the Health Mate mobile application, which also received an update following the announcement.

Nike’s recent decision to get out of hardware has provoked questions about the maturity of the wearables market; we’ll be talking a lot about this during our Connected Living panel discussion at the Connected Conference on June 18th-19th – the panel features Withings CEO Cedric Hutchings, Kolibree CEO Thomas Serval, Jawbone Head of International Jorgen Nurdin & Archos CEO Loic Poirier.