Meet the big data startup that doesn’t care where your degree comes from

Meet the big data startup that doesn’t care where your degree comes from


Pursuing its mission to fight unemployment and talents’ misfits, the Rude Baguette is featuring interviews of startups (small and bigger) participating in next edition of the Paris Startup Job Fair. Whether your job is insanely boring, your talent is misunderstood by your boss or you are not so keen on going back to Pôle Emploi, join us and discover your future dream employer! It might be tinyclues, find out more about them in this article before meeting IRL on the 5th of April.

tinyclues is a technology startup that builds a SaaS predictive CRM platform for the use of marketing and CRM teams. The French “rising star” in the area of cloud-based big data solution outperforms competing solutions by a margin of 25% to 40% in live A/B testing run by its clients.db_bw

The company was founded in 2010 by David Bessis, mathematician, and Jakob Haesler, partner at McKinsey&Co. tinyclues’ mission is to maximize its clients’ CRM efficiency (increased revenues, decreased unsubscriptions) by delivering the best possible tools to optimize the targeting of their newsletters and campaigns.

What makes their product awesome? “The end product being the actual production of performing push-CRM campaigns and not only data analysis, we maximize our clients’ CRM thanks to our powerful and user-friendly predictive CRM platform which typically delivers 30% or more additional revenue compared to competing approaches” they say.

Their team of 18 people, mainly mathematicians and programmers, is working in their offices located in Paris’ Silicon Sentier (2e arrondissement). Pauline Brown, marketing and communication manager, answers our questions.

What’s the elevator pitch for your company’s teamwork philosophy?

We share information, knowledge, and even desks (no assigned seating).

Tell us on HR policy that you are particularly proud of and one that you are allergic to:

We are attentive to peoples’ past life experiences – whether they be hobbies, part time jobs, or contribution to open source projects. In terms of hiring developers, this information gives us much more insight than does their past work experience and education. 
We are allergic to classifying people based solely on their education. We believe that candidates should be judged on what they can contribute and what they are willing to learn.

How cool is it to work with you? 

One day, one of our employees said: “Until I started working here, I never thought I’d look forward to Monday mornings.” – in 2013, our employee churn rate was of 0% and past interns have always chosen to stay when we offer them jobs.

Other than that, we like parties, all kinds of parties. 
Welcome parties, dinner parties, afterwork parties, good neighbor parties, birthday parties… We like mixing. We like mingling. In fact, we organize company dinner parties every 6 weeks and we are launching our first tinyclues&friends hang-out next month (time and place soon to be announced)!

What kind of profiles are you looking to recruit?

Though we are essentially looking for a product manager, we are also interested in meeting front-end engineers, integration and support engineers, and we are always curious to meet those certain candidates that may fit the “mystery position.” 
Applicants should be self-motivated, thorough and have the ability to remain productive in an informal and relaxed environment.

Where do you see you company in two years? 

Two years ago, tinyclues had 6 team members, 35m2 of office space and no clear product. Today, tinyclues counts 18 team members, 140m2 of loft style offices in the heart of Paris, a dozen paying customers, and $1.9 M in funding. As of now, all we know for sure is that tinyclues continues to improve the functionalities available to its clients, engage in the European market, and has global ambitions. But as a fast growing tech company on a quickly evolving market, it’s hard to say for sure what tinyclues will look like two years from now.

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