France’s tech companies’ flagship Criteo is recruiting. Meet them at the Paris Job Fair!

France’s tech companies’ flagship Criteo is recruiting. Meet them at the Paris Job Fair!

Pursuing its mission to fight unemployment and talents’ misfits, the Rude Baguette is featuring interviews of startups (small and bigger) participating in next edition of the Paris Startup Job Fair. Whether your job is insanely boring, your talent is misunderstood by your boss or you are not so keen on going back to Pôle Emploi, join us and discover your future dream employer! It might be Criteo, find out more about them in this article before meeting IRL on the 5th of April.

Criteo is a leading global technology company that specializes in digital performance advertising. Their technologies enable companies to engage and convert their customers online on any connected device thanks to the innovative, predictive software engine Criteo developed that gives them deep insights into consumers’ intent and purchasing habits. Co-founded by Jean-Baptiste Rudelle (CEO), Romain Niccoli (CTO) and Franck Le Ouay (CSO) in 2005 in Paris, the company became public on October 30Th 2013, on NASDAQ.

Over 800 employees work at Criteo around the globe, with 16 offices on 4 continents. Commercially, the company operates over 40 markets. 40% of our staff are engineers and dedicated to innovation and R&D development. Despite the volume, the team has still managed to keep a warm, fun atmosphere in the office. Criteo’s manifesto states: “I am joining Criteo, a global team of people who share a common faith in the culture of collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship.”



One concrete example of the “innovation-first” spirit of the tech company is their “10% program”. Engineers can spend 10% of their time on any idea related to Criteo – with a very clear and lean review process. According to Jean-Louis Constanza, Chief Innovation Officer at Criteo,While other technology companies have killed their 20% program, we run a very efficient program whereby It’s open to anyone. It has already delivered a number of very efficient projects/products to deliver great values to our customers.”

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Criteo is recruiting people in sales, operations, business intelligence, and HR. In engineering, the company is looking for (very, very good) skills in domains such as data science, machine learning, big data environments and globally scaled platforms.


Thanks to Jean-Louis Constanza, Chief Innovation Officer, for answering our questions.

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