Festicket launches its B2B platform for festival organizers, suppliers and affiliates

Festicket launches its B2B platform for festival organizers, suppliers and affiliates


Festicket, the platform that makes life easier for all live-music lovers, opens the door to a new strategy by offering all its business partners a new platform to track, manage and improve sales.

The London-based startup was founded in 2012 by Zacharie Sabban (CEO) and Jonathan Younes (CTO) and aims at gathering on one platform a booking system for festival tickets and travel packages – transport, shuttles and hotels – making the planning of a music festival easier and cheaper. In addition, music lovers can discover recommendations, insider tips, music, videos, maps etc. The startup is now claiming to be the biggest festival platform in Europe, on course to propose over 200 festival in 2014, 250,000+ members and a monthly traffic of over 500,000 Unique Visitors. Behind those figures, a team of 14 people from various backgrounds in sales, hospitality, marketing and other start-ups, with a shared passion for music festivals. In addition to their B2C website, Festicket has been allowing festivals to embed a “purchase package” button into their own site. Their round of seed funding closed in March 2013 enabled them to further develop their B2B solution, resulting in their Partner website launching now.

Tools and analytics for professionals in the Festival sector

The launch of the B2B platform is the result of a strong demand for business partners – that is to say 100+ music festivals, 350 hotels and providers, 80 medias and blogs. Barri Coen, head of marketing, declares: “We work very closely with our festivals throughout the process of creating and selling our packages, so we’ve found out first-hand which tools festival organisers, travel suppliers and our affiliates have been craving for so are working hard to create them.”

The platform offers its partners a variety of tools such as real-time sales tracking and sales reporting, analytics, and promotional tools, always taking into account the flexibility needed by festivals considering their wide products range. The existing white-label & widgets offer has also been upgraded to improve tracking. Since the festival-culture is very mature in Europe, the startup will remain focused on this geographical market and extend their team locally: “France and Germany are key markets for us, so opening an office in France and/or Germany are currently options we are looking at to accelerate the commercial development of the company.” declares Barri Coen.

Festicket is now on the way to its Series A round of funding, hoping to reach this goal by the summer. A first round of importance that should enable the founders to build their vision: “to become the ultimate online travel platform for all fans around the world whether you are into music, tech, arts, fashion, sports, or any other crazy hobbies you may have.”