[Sponsored] How do you choose your cloud service provider?

[Sponsored] How do you choose your cloud service provider?


The following articles is sponsored by Oxalide, a cloud-hosting company which provides DevOps management.  

Cloud storage capacity might be proving Moore’s law right and the inverted trend for prices also come as a nice add-on to that trend. There is however a silent truth glooming over the all-new service providers popping up everywhere like mushrooms – deep thought expertise. Choosing a cloud provider might not be as easy as it looks. We can candidly compare a few pricing tiers and try to get the best value deal to us and jump on the service that looks fairest.

So how do you choose your cloud service provider?

Some things are easily compared and should of course weigh in your decision, but looking further to what best suits your business looking for a partner that can improve the way you business works should be on top of your mind. With the advent of the evolution of programming languages developers can do so much more with far fewer resources. The trick here is that while developers put fewer resources on their side (i.e. fewer understanding of the backend systems etc.) the needed computational resources to run those programs is considerably higher since you’re running on multiple layers of code.

That’s where the deep thought understanding of your system might change the way your business works. Oxalide is one of those companies that will bend rivers to get your cloud right. They’re using all the best practices in business to get your online operations running smooth – a mix that includes fluid communication across the board between different functions to assure a clear view of the whole picture. At the end of the day you don’t want to be buying an off-shelf “solution”, you want to have someone improving your business. Your IT infrastructure might very well be one of your most critical assets so it’s a wise call to plan it well.

The reality is that, as you grow your startup, it will cost you infinitely less to get high-end cloud hosting & web ops services than it will to bring on a new programmer – especially if you’re in the valley. Oxalide goes beyond where traditional players fall short, providing hands-on services where most provide dashboards, sending you reports and opportunities to optimize performance where others alert you when you’ve capped on your price tier.

Interestingly enough, the number of programmers available has grown exponentially over the past years, but the number of assembly programmers has remained quite stable. This points out the huge evolution the market has been through and at the same time the difficulty to find deep thought expertise in cloud management. Here at Rude Baguette we’ve already switched to Oxalide as our cloud partner and don’t regret any bit of it! Have a look at them and see how you can also benefit from a powerful IT partner.