Migreat is simplifying bureaucracy and making visa applications easy

Migreat is simplifying bureaucracy and making visa applications easy

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English-based company Sharehoods is launching a new platform across Europe to simplify migration procedures. Starting with England, France and Italy, the new platform called Migreat helps you understanding the visa procedure if moving to one of these countries. With the goal of simplifying migration procedures, the platform offers its users a customized to-do list of every required step before getting your immigration visa ready.

While the common market of the EU has lifted some of the barriers to movement to its members, it’s still not that easy to move to another country, be it for work, study or holidays. Josephine Goube, Director of Partnerships, said, “although global communication is improving, migration rules are getting tougher”. If proven to be true, it will be a good market to be the leader in. the Migreat platform is first and foremost very user friendly – a strong contrast to everything we expect when dealing with all things visa.

Maybe governments will see this as a way to exploit bureaucracy loopholes, with their natural reaction to increase complexity. But in reality, this will do a lot for Government agencies, which keep on giving receiving faulty applications that keep on getting refused. It’s not easy for applicants to understand the whole system, so they tend to fall back on the agencies themselves who will inevitably deal with unnecessary cases. The whole thing slows the system down and increases cost to society.

Since this might actually save society a few bucks, it should have been up to migration agencies to provide such a service. But we wouldn’t hold our breath to that so thank you Migreat. Their services will be free of charge, so you can receive all the visa procedure without opening your wallet. They do, however, provide expert advisory in migration laws, in the case you want further help from their side. Check out their website here and join us in Paris!