[CES] Sculpteo introduces batch control for bulk 3D Printing

[CES] Sculpteo introduces batch control for bulk 3D Printing


The highly successful 3D printing company Sculpteo keeps impressing with its just announced batch control for 3D printing. Because some of its clients require multiple prints of the same object Sculpteo is improving the overall experience for such clients. The company explained that its clients start to get more demanding after a couple of print orders, reaching out to them and asking for custom print layer inclination and other customization options. Batch control is a direct response to this and now when a company orders more than 20 copies they will get the option to finish the order with batch control.

Using the feature companies can visualize the entire order inside the printer tray, sometimes the algorithms that define how the objects are printed might give the best (most efficient) result, so now users can change the positioning of each copy inside the printing tray.

With the additional customization also comes additional savings. It’s true that in 3D printing the economies of scale are not even comparable to those of mass industrial production, but still there are some, and with the potential savings from optimizing the positioning of the prints there can be some significant savings for Sculpteo – who is sharing some of it with clients, the company stated that savings from using batch control could go as high as 35%.

For anyone that has been using Sculpteo’s services to get their prototypes will be very happy with this announcement. It also marks a new chapter in the 3D printing industry, instead of using Sculpteo just to get a cute iPhone cover or an action figure companies can rely more on it to order the parts they need in bulk quantities. At the end of the day the added control over the order makes the printing service more suited for 3D printing in the enterprise, and while the price savings will surely please enterprise clients it might be the needed boost for the consumer segment to use 3D printing more frequently.