Bringing innovation to public unemployment centres

Bringing innovation to public unemployment centres


When Government agencies embrace technology & innovation to put an end to the Nation’s problems, incredible things can happen. Case in point is MyJobCompany, a French software publishing company that is bringing its technology to Pôle Emploi which is the French agency that registers unemployed people and matches them with potential employers.

While there is a serious excess supply in the employment market in France and Europe in general, there is always what Economists call frictional unemployment – basically the temporary unemployment in the market while it absorbs new candidates. With this new partnership, MyJobCompany will bring its skills-oriented technology to match candidates with employers without the need to review CVs and application forms. This will greatly decrease the resources needed to match potential candidates and should make the market more efficient.

Most importantly perhaps is the fact that because the technology is centered around soft and hard skills, the candidate-matching doesn’t take into consideration potential discriminatory factors such as age, race or country of origin. The software is based on human qualities, skills and a customizable questionnaire to determine the profile of the candidate.

I think that finding the right job and grabbing the attention of your desired employer is part of the process itself, at least for some areas, say, if you’re looking to land a job in PR you should be able to find a creative way to grab the attention of your audience. But when we are talking about Pôle Emploi it brings a huge advantage over its current method and will be life-changing for many people – many of which will find a job and start working again.

It’s a big step for the job market in France. It will start with a pilot test in the regions of Midi-Pyrénées and Aquitaine and will later on expand nationwide. The Innovation Division is supporting the decision and if things go right, not only will the unemployment figures go down but also expenditure with Social Security should be alleviated.

MyJobCompany is not the only company helping out to make the employment market more efficient. The 750+ attendees of our last Paris Startup Job Fair can witness to the excitement of some of Paris’ top startups in hiring talented individuals – you. Often times, it’s not simply unwillingness of companies to hire, much of it comes from having the right platforms to match candidates and we’re very happy that we are also contributing to give that platform to top talent from France & around the world to come and work at the vibrant Paris ecosystem.