Withings promotes connected fitness with a stop-motion nudist animation

Withings promotes connected fitness with a stop-motion nudist animation


Having completed a jam-packed summer ’13 with the closing of a $30 million 2nd round and the launch of their powerful, pocket-sized Pulse tracking device, Withings looks to be stepping up their visibility even more with the launch of a 90-second stop-motion animated video promoting the virtues of connected fitness and encouraging you to ‘Know Your Own Body.’

Based on a short story about a guy named Sam who wanted to ‘look better naked’, the spot drives home the messages of how exercise can be fun and the importance of listening to and understanding one’s own body which, presumably, Withings can help you do.   The spot, which was shot in Tallinn Estonia over three days,  is pretty cool and according to Withings included 140 naked people (evenly split between men and women), 2000 pictures, 15 drawings and, curiously, ‘300 pairs of socks and sandals’.


Up until now, Withings has been a steady, but perhaps a bit under the radar, star of the French tech scene, periodically rolling out strong innovations and building out their ecosystem around Digital Health. They’ve had a growing following thus far, but with their latest big investment, reinforcing their leading position in the multi-billion dollar fast-growing connect health market and expanding internationally are big priorities for them. We’ll see if this nifty video is just one step in a broader campaign to reach new users and the global market more generally.

You can check out the video here: