[LeWeb] Infogr.am announces video infographics service

[LeWeb] Infogr.am announces video infographics service


Latvian startup Infogr.am is at LeWeb and has just announced their new video infographics service. The company has been very successful with their free infogram service that allows users to create stunning infographics in a couple of minutes. As of today Infogr.am’s 1 million users have created more than 1,5 million infographics that have reached more than 7 million unique people worldwide.

Building on its incredible success Infogr.am presented the video infographics service which expands its current functionality from image infographics. The new service, which was demonstrated at LeWeb, is rather impressive while keeping it simple to use. Simplicity can explain much of their success as it is difficult and time consuming to create good infographics for the general public.

If image infographics are complex, then video infographics are a real challenge. Speaking at LeWeb, co-founder Uldis Leiterts said, “We’re here to disrupt data visualization market. Making video infographics was hard and expensive, now it’s free. We want to enable everyone to present their data beautifully”.

It seems that our attention span is getting ever more reduced when it comes to consume information, and with the complexity of data increasing around us, people have used data visualization to relieve our effort to interpret data. It’s all about telling a story with data, and if an image is worth a thousand words how many images is one video worth?

Let’s just hope we don’t start to see the same airbus and nyan cat comparison in every pitch we listen too. After all, video infographics are so much more appealing because they tended to be very unique and engaging, which is why they were custom made and very expensive. Using standardized tools it’s inevitable that we get some more standardized video infographics, the same way I’m done with ever-spinning Prezi presentations that look the same.