EBlink funding totals $30 Million+ for their Mobile Network Solution

EBlink funding totals $30 Million+ for their Mobile Network Solution


The Parisian startup EBlink has just announced a new capital raise of $2,8 Million+ with FSN PME and BPI France to develop their 4G base stations technology. Since its creation in 2005 the company has raised more than $30 million which is no surprise looking at what the company has come up with. Expanding the 4G network is costly, mostly because base stations need to be positioned next to high bandwidth lines, optic fiber lines. The cost of the network comes much more from expanding the optic fiber lines to the base stations than from the base stations themselves.

To overcome this problem EBlink has developed a technology that allows for small wireless antennas to communicate with each other and pass the signal to smaller streets that are more difficult to reach. The small antennas can be placed on top of urban equipments such as bus stops or advertising billboards, making them very easy to place in crowded cities. Given the huge advancement this technology can bring to the spreading of 4G networks, it explains their latest headlines: just this year EBlink has opened a new office in California to be closer to the US market.

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