French Startup iAdvize adventures into the Queen’s Land

French Startup iAdvize adventures into the Queen’s Land


Based on the French West Coast in the city of Nantes the French startup iAdvize has just announced their expansion into the United Kingdom. With a so far very successful international expansion calendar iAdvize is already present in Spain, Germany and now the UK. With a lot of traction in the French market the company sells its SaaS to important companies in France such as Fnac, Monster, and Sony Europe.

Founded in 2010 iAdvize brings real-time human interaction to e-commerce platforms. In an attempt to bring human interaction to online shopping where the internet left us, their service is hugely increasing online sales both in terms of conversion rates and basket size. To take note: 20% of customers who chat using Advize’s solution are converted into customers, and their order value is 30% higher than average. It’s of course no surprise that the company has been propelled by huge investments – notably with 1M€ just last year from Alven Capital, and before that other angel investors such Kima Ventures, Oleg Tscheltzoff among others.

Their service is centered around customer interactivity. With a simple implementation iAdvize overlays their service on top of existing e-commerce websites allowing visitors to click to chat, click to call, and click to video with the store’s agents. To complement the human interactivity iAdvize’s tools also give powerful tracking analysis to show companies where their clients are, what they are looking for and how they can better help them.

It’s always good to see a French-grown company taking the reins in international markets. Surprisingly enough, the online shopping experience today is still a largely lonely activity, and by looking at the rudimentary ways we have to interact with the store its no wonder how iAdvize is taking the European market by storm. Looking forward we can imagine the 45-employees company riding the wave with deeper ways to interact with customers. If the purpose is to increase consumer loyalty and satisfaction still plenty can be done to deliver a better experience – specially in industries with a bad reputation for online experience – hello Banking and Insurance!