After Mailjet & Mention, eFounders launching two new SaaS startups: Aircall & Front

After Mailjet & Mention, eFounders launching two new SaaS startups: Aircall & Front


You may not be familiar with eFounders, the self-described Startup Studio co-founded by Fotolia co-founder Thibaud Elziere & Quentin Nickmans, which focuses on building SaaS solutions for SMEs; however, you’ve definitely heard of at least a few of their solutions – Mailjet & Mention, certainly the two most well-known, as well as Textmaster and PressKing.

logoThe team has plans to launch two new startups, which we have learned are called Aircall & Front. eFounders moved into a new Paris office earlier this year, and, in addition to hiring all four of their current startups, we’ve uncovered a job offer on developer job board HumanCoders looking for a front-end web developer for Aircall:

“Enterprise telephone solutions haven’t changed since the invention of the land line…. Aircall wants to revolutionize the enterprise telephone solution by using the latest realtime web technologies (WebSockets, WebRTC) to create a solution 100% online..” – Aircall Job offer

The startup has allegedly been working under the guidance of eFounders for the last six months, and are currently in a private beta. Although we don’t know much more about the startup than that – no Linkedin presence, nor a domain to be found – given Mention’s recent fundraising & Mailjet’s fast-growing team, these startups are certainly going to be on the hotlist for many seed investors.

2013The second startup can be found buried in the job offer, and goes by the name Front. Front calls itself a collaborative email client for companies – essentially, allowing companies to receive general inquiry emails as a team, and track who responds to given emails – there’s certainly a pain point here, and I’ve already signed up to try it out for our ever-popular email address.

Front has been founded by CTO Laurent Perrin, though their previous site would suggest that eFounders team member Mathieu Vaxelaire will be taking the role of CEO. Front is also currently hiring – a back-end developer.

eFounders’ growing network among SMEs is shaping it into a Rocket Internet for SaaS, though the question will always remain: how many SaaS offers will startups and small businesses sign up for?

For now, it’s clear that eFounders feels they’re not even close to the limit.