Taking Windows apps by storm Allmyapps boasts over 1 million monthly users

Taking Windows apps by storm Allmyapps boasts over 1 million monthly users


The popular service from allmyapps has just announced their latest milestone of 1.2 million users every month. Since their revamp of the service to V2 roughly one year ago they’ve come a long way and their monthly users are here to prove it. According to their latest data, allmyapps’ users have now downloaded an astonishing 8 million apps, and updated 5,6 million apps.

In their latest announcement the team mentioned how they will now be more focused on the app discovery dimension which up until now has been shadowed by their commitment to ensure a seamless installation/update experience on Windows devices. Anticipating what’s there to come we can only see their user base growing as the app discovery is really where most of the value of such a service resides, today we kind of expect app backups, cloud sync and smooth experience to be part of the service, a hygiene factor if you will. So enriching the discovery experience will really set allmyapps apart from other app discovery services and also to make a compelling case when compared to the standard Windows 8 App Store.

In the App discovery arena allmyapps has successfully established itself as the platform on windows computers. While this market is more competitive on mobile phones the desktop market is also very promising, as they point out there are 1,3 billion PC users worldwide who can use allmyapps making it a market with high growth potential.