Get paid for your food recipes, a disruptive model in the food business

Get paid for your food recipes, a disruptive model in the food business


After Youmiam’s innovative approach to recipe sharing, the new company Recipay aims to revolutionize the cookery applications market. The new service brings a business model innovation to this recently revived market. By creating a win-win platform, Recipay can reward users with 15€ or 10€ for every recipe that they add to the platform, depending on whether the recipe has a photo for every step or just the final product.

The model is simple: users add recipes with the brands that are available on the website and get paid for it – win, and brands pay the platform to have their brands available for users to add them to recipes – win, finally users “consuming” recipes will see the paying brands in the ingredients. The monetary incentive will for sure attract more users, especially in the beginning while there are so many recipes that could be added, and this can help the platform take off much faster.

It is an interesting twist to Youmiam’s model since they also monetize from the sponsoring brands within the recipes, but they don’t give the monetary incentive to users. To assess the viability of Recipay we need to know how these incentives will impact user behaviour. Will users come for the money alone or can Recipay create a social layer that increases engagement? How will the quality vs volume of the recipes be different with or without the financial incentive? It’s true that Recipay has an approval process to determine if a user is entitled to the reward, but it’s labour intensive and in the long term, scalability might be an issue.

The win-win approach to recipe sharing looks promising and will for sure start growing fast in terms of recipe volume. Some of my concerns rely mostly on the community that is being built, considering that money is not a good motivator, it can corrupt users’ expectations and perception of their contribution. Also in terms of experience design, Youmiam is still miles ahead but imitation takes no time so there’s no real advantage there. The real trouble will come for platforms such as Marmiton that appear stagnant compared to the latecomers to the party. One thing is certain, food is getting sexy!

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  1. Ziad SALLOUM

    I wonder if they have a system to prevent abuse. Coz some people will simply scan the web for any recipe and copy paste it, in the hope of getting paid. This does not create engagement!

    • Thierry BEZIER (@thierrybezier)

      Hey, this is Thierry, cofounder of,
      Yes we have a great system to prevent abuse, first of all, we have a “signal an abuse “button on all our page on the website or inside our apps. Our moderators performes also a range of test inside specific tools to make sure that all the recipes are not coming from Google images or cookbooks 🙂

      and if our moderators have doubts…we don’t publish those recipes. It takes sometimes up to 48h to publish a recipe, so we have enough time to perform our validation process.

      Since we started in june, we had no cases of fraud, I invite you to visit usyou’ll be surprised by the quality of the recipes coming from the community



  2. Thierry BEZIER (@thierrybezier)

    This Thierry and Victor cofounders of
    Thank you for the article your questions are really interesting, we do not consider ourselves competitors of Youmiam which has a very rich experience.

    We have been working for about a year on and about 11 months we are talking with brands, charities organisations, and consumers.

    Indeed, consumers are the heart of our platform. Today in France, like in many other countries, the brand preference is not about brands…but about what consumers have in their wallet.

    So, basically engagement is based on the discount they’ll get in the supermarket. We are in the crisis. provides many brand offers, users choose a brand they feel comfortable with to make a recipe, they buy a product, and often on they even get a coupon to buy the product… they then make a recipe and can earn 10€ or 15€ is not particulary for food bloggers, foodies, “hipsters”, we want to reach the cab driver, the accountant, the worker, the nanny in the 18th arrondissement in Paris, anyone who is cooking : that means EveryOne.

    It’s a consumer website, our competitors are definately 750g and Marmiton… we have a huge twist, we have no banners, no blinking flashy advertisements, we are not selling click rates or page views. We are just about recipes.

    Is money a good motivator? It’s the BEST motivator when you are the person buying food for the whole family, when you are a monoparental family in 2013 : Money is your first concern. (not joy and pride on a social network)

    As a familly website we value user generated content : remember that time in 2000 when users loved to published their content on a cooking website? How proud they were? Today, when a user gives away his content…there is nothing for him…not even glory… the plateform will kill his intellectual property and will sell it to a brand in click rates (not working right?).

    Some food brands are in the market for a hundred year, and some families are using the same brands for generations, think about mac & cheese, or some oil brands in France… How is loyalty rewarded? This is a question we are trying to answer.

    The quality on is great because we only publish about 1/3 of what we receive, so is quality here? YES.

    If we were about volume, we would already be very big 🙂

    Are the brands happy? today we are working with more than 20 brands, they’ll be using users recipes, they paid them, and they’ll showcase their names every time they will use the recipes.

    For once, users will get rewarded for real (no fancy useless points) they will get recognised by the brands they love, and they’ll have fun… just check out our facebook fan page or our twitter account for that, yes we are a community.

    And we are a community about everything, next month people will be able to give what they earn in Recipay to a charity organisation, brands will also help them.

    Is scalibility an issue ? Bruno, we are profitable since this month (we are open since June)

    We are opening in Holland in december, being set up for Spain and Germany, and we’ll be coming to the US.

    So believe us, we are coming for your recipes. 🙂

    happy to answer any comments, or any questions,

    Best regards,

    Thierry & Victor
    Co founders

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