iSketchnote launches KickStarter to turn your physical sketches digital

iSketchnote launches KickStarter to turn your physical sketches digital


With Lima’s $1.2 Million KickStarter campaign successfully wrapped up, it’s time to turn our attention to the next great French KickStarter campaign. One candidate for such a title is the Grenoble-based iSketchnote, a “smart iPad cover” by iSKN, which launched its $35,000 campaign today. The product uses a special cover & magnet-tipped pens alongside any piece of paper, allowing designers, artists & other creative professionals to convert in real-time their sketchbook drawings to digital.


The project has gained momentum pretty quickly, likely because it presents a viable alternative to Adobe’s Project Mighty, which it previewed earlier this year. Adobe’s project currently lacks an official release date, though, given its emphasis on the Creative Cloud, one can expect that the project will eventually see the light of day.

For now, iSketchnote looks like a great alternative for people who want to do everything from digitally sign a document while preserving a physical copy, bring their animations into the digital world, or even showcase how they draw characters by using the product’s video feature, which allows users to watch a video-recap of the digital drawing being created in real-time as it happened.

The company’s patent-pending product shows great promise, having previously demoed at Siggraph 2013 earlier this year, and this may be just the beginning for French hardware making it to the big stage using crowdfunding.