Forgetbox’s Plug Kickstarter campaign raises $70K in 12 Hours to turn any hard drive into your cloud

Forgetbox’s Plug Kickstarter campaign raises $70K in 12 Hours to turn any hard drive into your cloud

Plug, by Forgetbox. Kickstarter

Yesterday around 8PM, I was with two of the Forgetbox cofounders Gawen Arab and Severine Marcombes in the basement of a bar, where they had invited friends to announce the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for their flagship product Plug. In French tradition, we were a little late in kicking off the presentation, which consisted of the two founders speaking about the startup’s journey so far, and then, of course, watching the plug video.


The video, as you’ll see, introduces Plug, small piece of hardware that connects to your home internet with ethernet, and then to any USB/external hard drive/storage space via USB. In short, Plug turns any piece of storage space you have into a personal cloud, which can be synced across all devices. In short, it’s a game-changer.

Watching their video above, everything looks ‘nice’ – the dropbox feel is a bit too overwhelming – you can sync files between devices, share with friends easily, recover old versions of documents, etc. Until they get to the subject of price.

With Plug, instead of having all your files in “the cloud” (words like “SaaS” come to mind), you have them in your cloud. If you want more space on your cloud, you buy more space. For the cost of that space. And that’s it. So while it may seem annoying to buy 1TB for $100 or so, when compared to how much that would cost you on Dropbox in the first year along, it’s a no-brainer. Personally, I already have a TB at home and will definitely be forking over the $69 to turn it into storage that I can access on my iPhone, laptop & tablet.

There are huge opportunities for these guys, as the technology world shifts back to the pre-cloud area of having your own servers at our home. Storage cost has dropped dramatically, while security risks and concerns about privacy have gone through the roof.

At the time of writing this article, the KickStarter Campaign had already raised the $69,000 it was looking for – in just 12 hours. The campaign has 59 days to go, and I’m sure we will be talking about Plug for a while as one of the top successes on KickStarter, especially for a company that is based in Paris.

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  1. uningenieromas

    Am I the only one thinking that having ALL your data in only ONE hard drive is not a game changing, nor a good idea at all?

    The good thing about dropbox is that version control does not take space in your total account size, and that you will NEVER lose your data, because they are doing 3 backups every time.

    Not so good if you have your hard drive at home.

    Your internet is going to fail more than dropbox servers. Your HDD will dead eventually. What happens then?

    And how about the transition? So, I have a 1 TB HDD, and I want to change to a 2 TB HDD. Plug & Play? Without losing all your data and control version? I don’t believe it.

    • crmfrsh

      Please read the KS page before post useless comment:

      “xEvery version of your work is backed up

      Plug makes it incredibly easy to back up your belongings. Every time you change something on your devices, Plug saves a version of it at Home. So if you mess up this very important document, you can roll back to an old version of it in only two clicks.

      By buying several Plugs, you can backup your data transparently in multiple locations. Plug is also 100% compatible with backup services such as BackBlaze or CrashPlan, which enable you to backup terabytes of data for less than $5/month.”

      “And about remote backup ?

      Plug already backs up your files at Home. But if you want to backup your files in multiple locations, it’s also possible and as easy at it can get.

      If you care about your privacy, you can easily replicate your content over several Plugs. You can install one Plug in your home and one in your office, for example. Your Plugs will automatically work together to replicate your content. Two Plugs are enough. But with each Plug you buy, your data gets more secure and also faster to access. If some of your friends have Plug, you can also ask your Plugs to back up each other’s content. Your data is encrypted, so your friends will not be able to read it.

      If you accept to send your data over the web to other companies (like you do when using DropBox), you can also use services such as BackBlaze or CrashPlan to backup the entire content of your Plug in remote and secure datacenters. It costs less than $5/month to backup your data using these services. That’s half the price of the cheapest DropBox plan.”

  2. Clement Cazalot

    These guys are awesome 🙂 Great Kickstarter “made in France”!
    Looking forward to receive my Plug!

    (and also looking forward to see how many millions they will raise!)

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