TechStars Boulder announces latest startup batch, including Paris-based

TechStars Boulder announces latest startup batch, including Paris-based

TechStars Boulder

TechStars Boulder has announced its 2013 batch of startups, which includes Paris-based, a tool that allows social features that developers can add simply, quickly and without code to mobile and web applications. previously competed in the London Web Summit startup competition, and having met founder Romain Dardour before just a few months back, I was pretty impressed with the direction of the company. It’s creating an open source platform for app development, which will allow you to purchase integrations – Facebook comments, share to Twitter, etc. – all seamlessly integrated with the rest of your application.

“Of TechStars’ 211 graduates since 2007, 148 have raised venture capital and 45 of those have come through the Boulder program. They’ve raised nearly $121 million, more than a third of the total investments made in TechStars startups.”

TechStars has been accepting French startups into programs all over the US, like qunb in TechStars Boston, and Sketchfab into TechStars NY – and that’s just in 2013. For startups who have already run through accelerators in Europe, or who are looking to get a boost in the US Market, TechStars has been great, with TechStars Boston alumni DocTrackr and Psykosoft going on to raise money at the end of their program.

Being accepted into TechStars Boulder is a pretty great opportunity; TechStars was founded by David Cohen originally in Boulder, so the community element is quite strong there. Cohen came out to Paris last year to talk to founders, and it became clear that Europe is becoming a priority for accelerators like TechStars, having just opened TechStars London this year. Cohen recently invited mentors to come work in London – calling it a busman’s holiday – in order to export the TechStars network to London. Personally, I’m still on the fence why a European startup would choose to go to TechStars London if they could go to TechStars NY/Boston/Boulder/Seattle/etc.; however, I’m keeping a close eye on the program, and hope to be blown away with the first batch of startups.

Over all, I’d say keep an eye on Founder Romain Dardour has a WordPress-like vision that I easily got drawn in to,and I think TechStars Boulder will be exactly what he needs to aim for the stars and build an amazing platform.

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