Nanigans launches in Europe to help companies scale up their Facebook advertising

Nanigans launches in Europe to help companies scale up their Facebook advertising


For companies who have been experimenting with Facebook advertising and have begun to identify the right times, demographics, and ad-formats to target their audience with, Nanigans‘ Facebook advertising platform might be the best way to scale. Founded in 2010, the Boston-based company has announced its European launch today, fresh off a $5.8M round of funding in April, which came on the back of 6x revenue growth in the past 18 months with Will Ashton, “a 10-year veteran of digital media and social advertising platform technology companies”. Will has previously managed successful operations in Europe for Google’s search advertising group and for social media advertising company, Alchemy Social, later acquired by global credit and marketing services giant, Experian.”

TestimonialsI spoke with Will yesterday about the challenges that Nanigans will face and where the company sees interest in the European market. Nanigans’ US clients – Fab, Social Point, Vistaprint and Wooga, among others – will obviously be taking advantage of their new European presence, but the group also plans to focus where it has been strong in the past – Gaming and eCommerce. Ashton spoke highly of the very developed eCommerce market in France, as well as some of the more prominent games companies, saying that there is great potential for them in France.

Nanigans requires a minimum monthly Facebook marketing budget of $50,000, according to their site, so it may not be for everyone; however, Ashton emphasizes that the platform is great at working with companies who have identified Facebook as a key marketing channel (i.e: done a fair amount of Facebook marketing already), have identified their audience, and are looking to scale up that marketing. Because Nanigans can track through to your site, through your conversion funnel, and all the way to check out, Nanigans can identify which demographics, genders, and age groups are most likely to convert to a purchase, as well as identify which times it is best to reach that audience.

I’m looking forward to seeing Nanigans over in France working with awesome companies – feel free to reach out to them on their site.