Meet Twilio in Paris June 12th and start supercharging your apps with VoIP

Meet Twilio in Paris June 12th and start supercharging your apps with VoIP


For Paris Startups, Christmas has come early – Cloud Communications startup Twilio is coming to Paris on June 12th. I have long been a big fan of Twilio – most people are a fan of Twilio without evening knowing it – their services power communications for awesome apps like Uber, Airbnb, Intuit, Hulu, and 1000s others. Twilio’s API allows mobile & web apps to do Voice & SMS communication – whether that be enabling confirmation of a phone number by sending a text to a user signing up to your service, or facilitating calls between users in a social network.

Getting access to the latest technology is key when building your startup – outdated technology creates and outdated product, and for entrepreneurs living outside of California, it can be a real drag. For developers – whether bootstrapping a startup or working in an SSII – Twilio is an opportunity to get a leg up on the competition. Their competitive pay-per-use practices have helped startups scale up quickly, and they are available in almost every country, so you’re global from day one.

Their one-day workshop is an opportunity for the entire Paris startup community: entrepreneurs will be able to ask Twilio about their startup experience & developers will have dedicated workshops (Twilio’s API is accessible via almost every coding language being used in innovative mobile & web apps – there’s a list here). For those working in innovation with big companies, Twilio is an opportunity to get inspired on how to add value to services offered to clients, and there will be some inside scoops just for journalists as well.

Unfortunately, in order to keep an intimate experience, tickets are limited for this event, and they are already going fast – check out the attendee list yourself. Grab some quickly before they sell out!