With France in recession, 56% of IT directors expect 2013 to be a dud year

With France in recession, 56% of IT directors expect 2013 to be a dud year

A recent study conducted by IT Research in conjunction with the Club Decision DSI (French / European IT director association) found that most French IT directors expect that 2013 will be a difficult year for IT investments. In study, which was conducted with 150 top IT decision makers in France, 56% believed that this year would see an overall slowdown in IT investments, but that investments would take-off again next year.  These findings were consistent with recent predictions from research analysis stalwarts Gartner and IDC.

1642167-cap-sur-les-reseaux-sociaux-d-entreprise-pour-une-majorite-de-dsi-francaisDespite this challenging environment, tech innovations that have been transforming Enterprises around the world are continuing. Firstly, enterprise social networks are strongly taking hold, with 56% of the respondents stating that deployment of a social network within their enterprise is underway. In addition, BYOD (bring your own device) while still not yet the norm, is slowing but surely starting to take hold with 28% stating that there’s a strong BYOD policy within their enterprises.  Green IT is also a theme that seems to of interest for an increasing number of companies as 36% now have this down as an important action item for them in 2013. Finally, smart computing (coined and defined by Forrester here), is also popping up now with 28% of participating IT directors stating that a project is underway in their enterprise. The types of smart computing solutions that IT directors might put in place can vary by industry however. Here’s a good explanation from Forrester’s blog of the types of solutions that IT directors are putting in place.



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