May 14th France Digitale Event at Google explores how evolving regulations affects startups

May 14th France Digitale Event at Google explores how evolving regulations affects startups

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Google and France Digitale, one of France’s leading associations representing entrepreneurs, startups and investors, are teaming up to offer a workshop on May 14th which will explore in more depth the actual and potential regulatory changes affecting the digital space and the implications for France’s startup ecosystem. With things constantly influx given the government’s to desire to not only encourage innovation and growth of its startup ecosystem, but also create a ‘fair’ business environment, the workshop will offer a very useful look at where things stand at the moment and where they’re headed in the near term.

The event will be split up in two main parts. The first will offer an overview of the major regulatory changes proposed or underway affecting tech. The discussion will be participative in the sense that the talks will be led by central members of France’s tech ecosystem, including Estelle Woerth – Criteo Legal Director, Bruno Walther – Founder Captain Dash, Giuseppe De Martino – Dailymotion Secretary General, etc. The speakers will discuss and debate such topics as whether we’re moving towards the end of the open internet, if data-driven innovation has the chance of developing in France and whether French copyright laws constrain innovation here.

The second part of the event will add more of an international angle to the debate, focusing on 3 case studies from the US and UK offering best practices around how startups can best make their voice heard in the public debate on these issues. Three organizations that led successful public policy debate initiatives, Engine Advocacy, COADEC, and Job Act, will share their insights and experiences. The event will wrap-up Q&A and, of course, a networking apero.

Given the great response thus far and the importance of the topic, this event looks like one not to be missed.  It’s also free to attend, so if you’d like to join you can sign-up here.


Event details

Time and date:  18h – 21h

Location:  Google France, 8 rue de Londres 75009 Paris

Cost:  Free