Tigerlily teams up with Insert to bring a truly SoLoMo experience to street-side advertising

Tigerlily teams up with Insert to bring a truly SoLoMo experience to street-side advertising

Tigerlily has always been at the forefront of digital marketing: they were one of the first certified Facebook marketing partners in France, their services provide analytics value on top of Facebook & Twitter advertising, and they also presented their vision of the SoLoMo experience just last October. Previously just a video, which integrated Apple’s Passbook, Facebook’s Open Graph, Apple’s Maps & QR Technology, at MWC last month Tigerlily announced a partnership with street-side advertising company Insert to bring their SoLoMo experience to the real world.

Putting a twist on traditional poster advertising, we have integrated NFC technology, QR codes, and classic SMS+, allowing marketers to engage with passersby on a deeper level via smartphone, bringing them into a mobile web-app experience. This is an effective way to leverage a business’s offline visibility and dramatically increase conversion.

The vision of integrated offline with online has been in the works for a long time – Microsoft’s vision of the future featured subway riders seemlessly donating money from their smartphone to a charity announced on an interactive poster – QR codes were originally thought to usher in this evolution much more quickly, but better late than never.

Tigerlily + Insert SoLoMo experience

Insert has integrated Tigerlily’s experience (seen in the video below) into some of their 100,000 billboards and field marketing banners, though it’s not entirely sure how many of these advertisements will be enabled initially. Streetwalkers will be able to scan a QR code (or make use of NFC technology) and be rewarded with a discount, told about an event, or engaged in a contest like a scavenger hunt. Using Geolocalization and Apple Maps, the user, from a mobile web app, will be able to see where he can redeem his coupon nearby – the coupon can be stored in Apple’s Passbook, or can be sent by SMS or email to the user. Once at the location of redemption, the user presents a QR code to the local merchant, and now the merchant knows that his advertising is producing real results, and the passer by has just got a great deal.