Startup Competition finalists announced as MIPCUBE gears up for April event

Startup Competition finalists announced as MIPCUBE gears up for April event


Reed Midem’s MIPCUBE, a sub-event to the TV Industry’s biggest event MIPTV, has announced the finalists for its three big competitions as it gears up for the event in April. Branded as “reinventing the content experience,” MIPCUBE has been a big effort to bring innovation and startups to MIPTV, which traditionally has been an event full of industry leaders, though not necessarily those who are on the bleeding edge.

This year, MIPTV will be celebrating its 50 year anniversary, and it’s easy to see how far the TV industry has come. One of the leading keynotes will be with Red Bull & Felix Baumgartner, whose outer-space jump shattered records not only for free fall jumps but for live online viewership (north of 8 Million). MIPCUBE will contain some amazing speakers as well, such as Jesse Draper, founder of The Valley Girl Show, who will be among the jury members of the startup competition, alongside Marie-Christine Levet, Partner at Jaina Capital.

Among the eight startup finalists are, Viddiga & Vimies – all based in France. Viddiga’s video content management technology keeps your video playing on mobile phones with its ability to keep videos lightweight in a smartphone-powered age. Vimies is a video social network designed for mobile, a bit like Vine, though more focused on engagement on their platform, and less on making silly 6-second clips of your is a second screen application that looks to add a gamification layer to the TV viewing experience.

You can check out the whole list of finalists here. MIPCUBE also announced the finalists for the Brand of the Year, which includes Cathy & David Guetta’s Twizy ad series for the Renault car company