Seedcamp’s to demo their competitor at The Next Web Startup Rally

Seedcamp’s to demo their competitor at The Next Web Startup Rally
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Yesterday, TheNextWeb announced the 16 finalists for their TNW European Conference Startup Rally. The competition, which includes the likes of & PeerIndex, also includes a French startup, The Paris-based startup has spent a little over a year working on their finance tool which seems to be meant to rival the American The startup recently pitched at Start in Paris in what now seems to be great practice for their upcoming showcase in April.

Cofounded by CEO Thomas Guillaumin and CTO Fabien Charbit, brands itself as “Invoicing and budgeting made easy. All your invoices and documents secured. Automatic statistics and graphs makes it easy to track budget and expenses.” targeting startups that are tired of excel (this is a crowded space) and for companies too small to afford a CFO. (or hell, an accountant for that matter).

WIth a tagline of “Raw Data made Fresh,” the startup says they want to turn uncooked fish into sushi, i.e: all that financial data that you generate from day one, turned into something you can use to run your company better.

I’ve been waiting for quite some time to see what their product will look like. The pain-point they are addressing is quite big, and so it is understandable that they would take so long to get things ready; however, frankly, I’m getting impatient. I’ll be excited to see the demo live in April – Earlybird tickets are on sale now, but running out fast – and look forward to using to manage all the stuff I hate about running a company.