Rude Baguette hosts the Paris Pub Summit March 22nd

Rude Baguette hosts the Paris Pub Summit March 22nd

Silicon Drinkabout

With one successful event behind us, we’re getting quite cocky, so we’ve teamed up with the Web Summit guys to bring you the Paris Pub Summit. We’ll bring in some people from out-of-town, you bring your awesome ideas (and a pitch deck, why not?) and meet us at DelaVille Café on March 22nd at 19:30. The event last year, which was co-hosted by Tariq Krim, was pretty awesome, and we’re big supporters of the Web Summit, and even bigger supporters of excuses to drink with entrepreneurs, investors, press and the rest of the startup community.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Web Summit crew’s events, I suggest you take a read at our reviews of the most recent Dublin and London editions. The events bring a great international community together – something we are big fans of – and keeps the quality of conversation high.

So, for those of you missed out on our event last night, here’s another chance to hang out with the Rude Baguette writers. The event will have a bigger capacity, but it is first come first serve, so sign up today & invite your friends!