Introducing the new Rude Baguette website!

Introducing the new Rude Baguette website!


Last night, Trista & I, along with a few of our writers, hosted a (re)launch party at the wonderful 50 Partners space. We invited 120 of our closest friends – especially you readers who have supported us from day one – to share a few drinks, some great food, and talk about the future of the Rude Baguette. Those who were there heard the great news, and we all got a little pumped up, but one of the coolest not-so-secret announcements was that we have a new website.

We wanted to give Rude Baguette a makeover, for a few reasons:

  1. Our old site was just plain ugly (I built it, so I know how ugly it was)
  2. We wanted to show people that the Rude Baguette was here to stay
  3. We wanted to highlight all of our writers
  4. We wanted something that people would want to come back to each day and look at

Only time will tell if we have accomplished these goals, but I for one am happy with the new site – I’m not longer embarrassed each time I post an article.

The event itself went very well – thanks especially are deserved to Virginie, who runs the 50Partners space, its managing partners Jérôme Masurel, our fabulous writer Nadia, and of course, Infinvision, who designed our logo & site, developed it, and somehow managed to share a drink with us while we were getting the site online.

The site itself is pretty cool: you can browse by category (on the left), contact any author directly by email from any post (just below the author’s name), and we’ve worked to create a nice, clean reading experience. As you know, website improvement is an ongoing experience, but we hope, with the improvements we’ve made, it will be easier than ever to stay up-to-date with the French tech market.