London Web Summit details announced: Why (and how) you should cross the channel and go March 1st.


London Web SummitWith just 10 days until the London Web Summit, almost all of the surprises are out of the bag about the event. Speakers have been announced, startups have been chosen for the startup competition, and tickets are almost at full price (normal price until Friday). The event, which takes place in The Brewery, as it did last year, is looking to be pretty good – after all, 2,000+ attendee events are Web Summit’s specialty, but we thought we’d tell you a few things that we’re excited about.

There are a few French startups among the 25 announced this week. We’ve previously written about SalesClic, which provides sales funnel analysis and forecasting. This week I sat down with Romain Dardour, CEO of, an open source platform for integrating social components and building social apps. The competition will also feature Kireego, a French/Swiss company which is looking to help merchants increase customer reach – you can read more about them on Normally, I’d mention some non-French startups that also caught my eye, but I honestly didn’t know any of them, so it’ll all be a surprise when I’m judging them at the event.

In addition to some French startups, Arnaud Bertrand, the founder of Housetrip, the classy Airbnb, will be speaking. They’ve been doing pretty well for themselves so far, having just announces a $40 Million Series C round of funding at the end of last year.

The London Web Summit will be a big deal to Paddy & the Web Summit, because it’s the first event since The Europas, which did not go over well at all. Paddy will be looking to remind European tech conference attendees that, while there may be things they have to learn about running an awards show, that they can still rock it at the web summit. Last year’s Dublin Web Summit had its Ups & Downs, but they’ve definitely secured their place as a contender amongst the best European tech events.

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