Leeaarn hosts master class featuring Gilles Babinet…chance to win a free slot!


Aller simple vers le futur : numérique et révolutions de demainLeeaarn,  France’s answer to the online collaborative learning and university phenomenon, will be hosting a master class featuring well-known entrepreneur and investor Gilles Babinet February 18th from 20h-22h at Loft 50 Partners.  The session will look to discuss in detail where digital technology is heading as well as examine its current and future impact on our economy.  Some of the main topics that will be discussed include, open data, crowdfunding, open education and training, and health and genetics.  As Leeaarn very much want the session to be interactive, there will also be a Q&A session giving participants the opportunity to  engage with Gilles Babinet.

Leeaarn’s main objective is to democratize people’s educational experience, by encouraging individuals to share and learn from each other. Making their educational experiences as accessible as possible helps to reinforce this goal.  As a result, the upcoming master class will live streamed, available to people of all backgrounds, and, at 39€, affordable.  If you’d like to sign-up, you can do so here.

As a nice bonus to Rude Baguette readers,  the Leeaarn team have also very kindly offered us 3 free slots which we, of course, will be passing on to you!  If you’d like to win a slot, all you have to do is like this status update on our Facebook page (as well as be a fan of our Facebook page, of course).

We’ll announce the winners on our Facebook page tomorrow.

Event details
Date & Time:  February 18, 2013,  20h – 22h
Location:  Loft 50 Partners, 62 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001