As SMS begins to die, InZAir is adding new dimensions to text messaging

As SMS begins to die, InZAir is adding new dimensions to text messaging

InZAirWe announced earlier this week that SMS has perhaps hit its peak, as other smartphone apps begin to rise; there’s no better app to talk about than InZAir, which launched last December its messaging application in order to add two new dimensions to text messaging: location & time. While group messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and others simply skirt the SMS interface via 3G, ZMS looks to change the way we communicate, by allowing people to program SMS’s to go off at a certain time, when the recipient(s) are in a certain location.

mzl.jpsbspmt.320x480-75Based out of Geneva,  InZAir has a lot of potential, but will likely run into the network effect, as big players are quickly scooping up the attention and the user space. While these functionalities seem novel to me, I can’t really say I’ve been needing these, as much as they are nice to have. Similar to Libon, which Orange launched late last year, I can see how it would be useful, but since no one is on it, I’m not going to invite all my friends – it’s just not cool.

InZAir could be interesting, but I’m just not yet convinced. There’s nothing “Passive” about the product – and I’m just not willing to commit to building a whole new graph of people who use this product.

What about you?

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