Deezer launches App Studio to take on Spotify App Centre


Deezer announced today the launch of it App Studio, part of the Open Deezer initiatize launched earlier this year which saw the birth of its desktop app platform an iOS API.. Reported on Musically, the app studio will also be accompanied by a Facebook-style App Centre, which will likely compete heavily with Spotify in the coming months.
Until recently, that is, until Deezer raised €100M, Spotify had more or less been declared the winner of the music wars online; however, now with Deezer live in almost every country other than the USA, and with its services growing to match that of Deezers, it seems the face-off is in full swing.
The Open Deezer initiatve, launched this past may, gave way to a music edition of Bemyapp, the developer hackathon which chooses specific themes (connected cars, mobile,connected devices), and brings sponsors to offer themed prizes, in addition to 5,000 euros given by Orange. One of the startups that launched there, a Euratechnologies-incubated startup called Appiway, received 3rd place. Well I bet judges are kicking themselves in the butts today, as Lalilala, the startup’s iPhone app game in which users hum lyrics to a song in hopes of convincing their opponent of guessing it.
Lalilala, the French equivalent of ‘humming,’ is quite a fun game, and allows you to peruse Deezer’s entire catalogue of music, listen to a 30 second sample, and then record your version of the song to send to your friend. I visited Euratechnologies just last week and tested out the version 1 of the game, developed by four young startupers.
Another interesting name to appear on the launch is eDJing, the startup we recently noted as having one of the worst names in English. As we said in the article, we’re still keeping an eye on the startup, which allows users to use Deezer’s catalogue to create your own DJ set, a bit a la
You can read about some of the other Apps on TechCrunch, who reported on the story as well.
Just like any platform, in the end it will all be a question of who can woo developers. I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of “music hackathons” in the coming months.