Twitter to hire up to ten in Paris by Spring 2013


Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe & Twitter’s Jack Dorsey

The City of Paris confirmed[FR] yesterday that Twitter will be opening an office in Paris next Spring. The announcement comes after TechCrunch reported just days earlier that it was taking Twitter too long to hire in France, suggesting that hiring in France was particularly difficult. The Techcrunch article, despite lacking in any proof for or against the claim, suggested that perhaps Twitter was holding off on expansion into France, despite Paris’ predominance on several social networks.

The discussion became increasingly heated after Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë tweeted that he was “chez Twitter in SF with Jack Dorsey, talking about a Twitter office in Paris in Spring 2013.” This tweet came months after news broke that twitter had begun interviewing candidates in Paris for the job of Country Manger of France as well as Account Manager rolls, according to TC. Gossip began to circulate months later when no announcement came of a decision, suggesting that none of the candidates had been chosen. The talk was inflamed even more by Twitter Europe’s ambiguous PR response of “We have nothing to announce currently.”

Whatever the opposite of the Silver Lining is

In addition to announcing that there will be as many ten employees hired in Paris, the city also claimed that twitter’s offices in Paris are the “first offices in Europe” – quite odd, considering that Twitter already has a presence in the UK & Ireland, as well as an office in Berlin with 3-4 employees – but perhaps the mayor of Paris doesn’t consider UK&I or Germany to be part of Europe.