Rennes-based startup Tocea raises €300K to clean your code


Rennes-based ToceaTocea offers enterprise-class, hardcore code analysis and improvement tools that aims to reduce your “Technical Debt”. What’s “Technical Debt”, you ask? It’s a term for the consequences you pay down the road for the coding shortcuts you take today.
Researchers spend a lot of time obsessing over these concepts, that try to determine for what project size what type of code quality and investment is appropriate. So did François Morin, and he started Tocea in September 2010 to build a product based on that.  The approach is collaborative and man-powered, instead of most of the automation-only solutions that exist today.
This investment round of €300k will be spent on marketing and selling the product worldwide. The new (English) website is part of that initiative.
The main product, Scertify, has three parts to it. The Code portion will analyze code while it’s being entered, and help refactoring (it’s a way to clean up repetitive code). The Architect portion will help on the high level of the application architecture to detect and repair architecture mistakes, and to enforce architectural decisions by applying them on the developer level.  The third one, Refactoring Assessment, is an optimization tool that helps make decisions about refactoring, and to do comparative analysis on code quality. This last one is free and open source, and can be downloaded on the site.
Pricing and the full datasheet are available on request only, after giving details about your organization, which is typical of Enterprise software sales.