Digital Eye Glass Inventor assaulted in McDonalds


Digital Eye Glass inventor Steve MannReported across the interwebs this week was the assault of Steve Mann, a renowned PhD engineer who works on creating technology for the visually impaired. The device surrounding the event was his own invention, the Digital Eye Glass, which resembles  The more unfortunately part of the story, other than the fact that it happened in a McDonald’s, was that it happened in a Paris-based McDonald’s. McDonald’s France, a practically wholly independent subsidiary of McDonald’s USA, spent years taking the fast-food model and adapting it to France[Daily Finance] – building a McCafe inside of McDonald’s, serving LaDuree-esque macaroons and croissants.

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Steve Mann posted on his blog earlier this week recounting the tale and calling for help from the community. As seen in the photo, Steve Mann wears a permanently attached Digital Eye Glass aids his vision impairment – the story if available on the blog, but, in short, perpetrators, at least one of which was allegedly an employee at McDonald’s, unsuccessfully attempted to remove Mann’s Eye Glass from his head. After shredding up his documentation of the Digital Eye Glass, they kicked him out of McDonald’s – and if all that wasn’t believable enough, the Digital Eye Glass logged the incident with a photo-by-photo account of the entire incident, including capturing badge names and facial IDs.
Mann pointed out that this isn’t the first physical assault of a photographer in a McDonald’s in France, but noted that all attempts to contact authorities – embassies, local police, McDonald’s Corp. – have been unsuccessful, and so he called to the internet for help.

While the feud is still unresolved, I would normally say that this yet another blow to the international view of France – that we’re just a bunch of assholes. Putting aside the fact that this story could’ve been reported as happening in any country and it would’ve been equally as awful – for example, check out the 13 most violent things that ever happened in a McDonald’s, or read up on the Strip search prank scam on wikipedia. But it’s all a question of perception. If the first thing international tourists see when they arrive in France is the RER B, there is certainly a problem of perception.
There’s certainly a need to get France a little more worried about what people think of them – it’s oddly enough the same problem Californians have, hence my theory that France and California are the same location in different universes. Nonetheless, the point is: rally together and get people talking about this incident, so that we can get some justice for Steve Mann. He’s currently only asking that McDonald’s pay for the repair of the invention he built and patented in 1999.

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  1. AloysiusSnailchaser

    As an Irishman who lives in France this does not surprise me in the least. The concept of service or politeness is just about unknown. Every supermarket you go in they treat you like a thief and demand to search your bag before you leave. I can assure you that not all French people are assholes, but a significant proportion are I’m afraid. Fortunately I live very close to Spain, and the change in attitude on crossing the border is extraordinary. As soon as possible I will be leaving France and when I do I have no intention of returning if I can possibly avoid it.
    It’s interesting to note that I live in Catalunya, so the people I meet in both France and Spain would all describe themselves as Catalan. However they have little in common. The French Catalans are rude and unwelcoming. Spanish Catalans are cheerful and hospitable. It’s like night and day.
    Although I’m Irish I am descended from French Huguenots who were expelled from France. If my experience is anything to go by, they did my ancestors a favour. I can’t imagine what made me come here to be honest.

  2. Tim Coulter

    I absolutely agree with AloysiusSnailchaser’s comment that France seems completely detached from the standards of behaviour (especially customer service) that we see in other progressive nations.
    I have been here 13 years and I can’t wait for the day to come when I can finally say farewell to this anti-competitive anti-enterprise hell.

  3. TF2

    Throughout europe, we know the chauvinism of France. I am Belgian and finding that it will change, but not in the right direction.

  4. Thirdy Rosales

    “There’s certainly a need to get France a little more worried about what people think of them..”
    This statement really sums up the point of the whole story whether it was just a fabrication or something to be left in a science fiction tabloid. As netizens, we should be taking our part to check all possible sides of the story before re-posting this kind of not-so-good experience. As netizens, we do not have any excuse to say we’re not informed since all the possible information and data are already a few clicks away. It’s a “think before you click attitude” that should be encouraged. Let’s do our part knowing all the possible information we can and put the burden of explaining things to those involved.

    • AloysiusSnailchaser

      Your message is so confusing that I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to say. Is it that you don’t believe this story? And that us poor saps commenting on it haven’t the nous to check up before we do so?
      If so you are completely wrong. This story has been everywhere, and the guy who was attacked was wearing camera equipped glasses and has photos to back up his claims. So if you’re going to impugn us for not doing our research, why don’t you do some first? If you had you’d have known that this story is entirely true, well substantiated and provable.

  5. Thirdy Rosales's Mother

    Thirdy Rosales… shut up idiot 😉 excuse my French.

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