Twitter's developer series "Tea Time" comes to Paris June 16th


The twitter developer series “Tea time” has lined up Paris as its next target in a ‘world tour’ of developer courting. The event, occurring June 16th, will feature Parisian startups who have integrated twitter into their product, and will also be giving the rundown on how to best make use of the twitter API, and interesting integration possibilities. The event is being organized with the help of Cap Digital, and will take place at CentQuatre.
I caught up with Platform Evangelist Jason Costa, who will be coming out to Paris from San Francisco for the event, to talk to him a bit about the Tea Time series. With him having recently hosted the series in Japan, Germany, the UK, Eastern Europe & more, I was quick to ask him what his impression was on the ‘quality’ of the cities. Laughing, he responded:

“I spend most of my time responding via email & twitter to developers all over the world, so going to these cities really just confirmed my suspicions that there are really cool things happening all over; however, I think for someone who does not spend all their time talking to developers, they would be quite surprised.”

While marketers and CEO’s might want to jump at the opportunity to meet some Twitter guys, Jason stressed that this event will be very focuses on the API and on developers. Personally, I’ll be attending, but mostly to push myself to actually learn how to code, as well as catch some of the startups that are looking to work on the Twitter API. Seedcamp startup Teleportd, which harvests photos from Twitter in order to provide a real-time geolocalized photo feed, will be speaking, as will Mesagraph, which we spoke about a few months ago.
For startups considering using Twitter’s API, this event is definitely a ‘must-attend.’ Getting a hands-on look into the flexibility and utility of Twitter’s API can make the difference between a seamless integration and a klunky one. Whether you’ve begun developing on the API already or whether you’re just looking to master the API, sign up here before tickets run out.