Let’s talk about France, Baby.


The Startup world has spread outside of the infamous Silicon Valley. Startups like Foursquare, Skype, Flipboard and Airbnb have proven that California isn’t the only place to turn out innovative ideas. Supporting this view, Bloomberg TV is currently airing a reality series following Techstars’ New York office through one round of incubation.
Across the Atlantic, things are heating up, too.  Events like Startup Bootcamp, Hack Fwd, and Startup Weekend have been spreading across Europe.On Monday, a startup raises funds in London; on Tuesday, a beta launches in Denmark; on Wednesday, Berlin hosts a conference… TechCrunch Europe recently brought on Natasha Starkwell, Goal Europe editor, who, from the looks of her posts so far, will be the Eastern European correspondent. What’s even better about all this new action, is how much people are talking about it. Now more than ever, European startup news is being read not just by Europeans, but by everyone interested in finding the next big thing. VCs are making more and more trips outside of their hometown, looking under new rocks for new ideas.
There is a lot of amazing things going on inside of France, and a lot of reasons to believe that Paris could be the European startup capital (more on that later), if only VCs and talent outside of France knew what was going on. Currently, major startup news outlets don’t pick up on what’s going on in France, because there is no English media outlet for French startup, tech, and entrepreneurial news –  Well that’s all about to change. Here on the RudeBaguette (a portmanteau, if I’ve ever seen one), we will be carrying the French startup scene outside of France, to show Europe and the world what is going on in France.
We two Silicon Valley twins have flown our nest. We recognize that France possesses the smartest, passionate startup entrepreneurs, and that France has always been at the head of fashion – and no one can deny that technology and startups are fashionable.
You can add innovation to the list of reasons to come to Paris, if Cheese, Wine, Bread, and Fashion weren’t enough for you – The RudeBaguette is officially here.
Roxanne Varza (@RoxanneVarza)
Liam Boogar (@LiamBoogar)