Particeep partners with AXA for plug and play crowdfunding insurance

Oct 16, 2015
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On Tuesday, Particeep, the solution for creating white label crowdfunding platforms, announced the launch of their first plug-and-play insurance service.

The platform has been developed in partnership with AXA Creditor, the division of AXA Partners which is specialized in lifestyle and credit protection, with the aim to protect active crowdfunding investors. Particeep’s crowdfunding insurance service offers protection for the invested capital in case of revenue decline, death or total and irreversible loss of autonomy of the project owner. In case of accident instead, AXA Creditor will pay back the remaining capital to lenders without any additional charge. Thanks to the white label technical module (API), any crowdfunding platform can now offer capital protection to its investors. On the platform side, this insurance is characterized by the fast integration of the white label service, while the insured party experiences a dematerialized, instant online registration.

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