Angry Birds creator Rovio releases “The Croods” in France, Germany, Finland, UK & Canada only

Mar 12, 2013
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A new Rovio title The Croods has just hit the App Store, and curiously enough the Finish creator of Angry Birds has not launched in the US, but seems to be testing the waters across Europe. Working with Dreamworks in partnership with the soon to be released movie of the same name, the app may be a first step in Rovio’s positioning away from just the “Angry Birds company” and towards a premium development studio. The company have previously worked with Star Wars studio Lucas Art (recently bought by Disney) to produce a Star Wars version of the mobile classic hit, which has recently seen its license begin to drop from its historical #1 spot all around the world.

News of the new app release originally came from AppsFire, an App recommendation, which also broke the news of the release of the Stars Wars edition of Angry Birds, and has a knack for spotting (and subsequently announcing on Social Media) paid apps that become free, new releases by big publishers, and other awesome Apple App Store news.

The Croods was seen at SXSW prepping for the release, and it was originally expected that the game would come out on the 14th, as Market Week reported.