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#FrenchTechFriday: read your way to a better life with Glose

Reading is one of the few activities that are both enjoyable and essential. But if picking up a book is an obvious past-time for some, it is a dreaded moment for others. French startup Glose wants to be there on both occasions.   The various joys of reading   For those who have had the […]

France and the USA: A Love-Hack Relationship

France and the USA: A Love-Hack Relationship

The relationship between France and the USA has always been tense: the phrase “Freedom Fries” sums it up pretty well. This is a product of France’s complicated history with the US, having first funded a revolution in our favor and then funding our enemies in war, then having been ‘invaded’ by us after they were […]

Line politicians up side-by-side on every issue with

Line politicians up side-by-side on every issue with

With the Second round of voting just around the corner, the more the forty percent of French voters who voted for neither Hollande nor Sarkozy in the first round of voting may be wondering which candidate best lines up with their views. Voxe, a politics platform, thinks it has the solution, by offering users the […]

Le Huffington Post launches – France says "whatever"

This morning, the long delayed, not so highly await French version of the Huffington post launched – and only a few weeks after the site was hacked and had its landing page screenshoted and posted publicly. The site launched amidst much other news, including the DLD 2012 conference in Munich, which took up much of […]

Does France like Shazam more than Twitter?

Twitter has been slowly gaining more and more momentum in France. As with other countries around the world, France definitely started to tune into the power of Twitter - especially with the political uprisings in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. And to show just how tuned-in France was to the power of the social web, Sarkozy even held the first-ever eG8 Forum in Paris May to address the role of the Internet in society with numerous digital experts from around the

Diversity in French startups: a really (un)touchy subject

It comes as no surprise that the US media is pointing fingers at Michael Arrington and that the TechCrunch star is once again under fire. After all, he’s been spit on, gotten into a “friendly” fight with Loic Le Meur, called out prominent Silicon Valley investors and given them a bit of a scare – and he even […]