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We should pay attention to how LINE is turning Instagram into an ecommerce app in Thailand

On a recent exploratory visit to Bangkok, I witnessed first-hand a consumer shopping behavior that absolutely blew my mind and underscored how the West does not have a monopoly on business model innovation. Incidentally, my secret for glimpsing generalized consumer behaviors in a foreign country is to eschew the convenience of taxis or Uber in […]

10 French startups disrupting the way you experience fashion online

10 French startups disrupting the way you experience fashion online

It may sound like a stretch to say that French people are the reference for fashion. But as we say, “il n’y a pas de fumée sans feu” (there’s no smoke without fire). In addition to having a very prolific fashion sense, the French are also very creative when it comes to the shopping experience. […]

“Les Soldes” continue to trend digital

“Les Soldes” continue to trend digital

According to a study conducted by CSA for FEVAD, France’s leading e-commerce and mail order trade association, 7 out of 10 of internet users plan to either prepare for or make their actual purchases on-line during “les soldes” (bi-annual sales), which equates to 30 million people. Perhaps reflecting the apparent slow-down in France e-commerce sector […]

eDeal Summit 2013 brings together Europe’s top eCommerce Deal leaders

The eDeals industry (think Daily Deals, Flash Sales, Coupons/Vouchers, Social Commerce, etc) has been experiencing both substantial growth and significant challenges over the last couple years.  Groupon and Living Social have obviously been the biggest news (not all of positive of course).  But they’re just a small part of what’s becoming an increasingly crowded space.  In […]

L’Oreal Paris to begin direct sales from its own e-commerce site in March

Starting in March, L’Oreal Paris will launch their own online store[fr] where they will make their entire product line available for purchase.  While most luxury cosmetic brands in France have widely been available online for some time, many mass market cosmetic brands have avoided setting up their own on-line shops so as to not upset their […]

Jirafe – yet another US company who does their R&D in France

When was the last time you heard about a US start-up building an operation in France and considering this as an asset? Usually you hear about French entrepreneurs moving abroad, but not American companies building offices in Paris; and those who do mostly consider this a necessary constraint, but not a strategic decision for their […]

IDInvest Parters, the most active VC in France

I love when entrepreneur tell me that "it is impossible to raise VC funding in France." Honestly, it has become one of my favorite phrases. I have come across numerous entrepreneurs - on both sides of the Atlantic - that have told me that VCs are risk-averse weirdos and that their capital is extremely limited and/or drying up. And while