FRENCHTECHFRIDAY: Follow-up on Esport Management

FRENCHTECHFRIDAY: Follow-up on Esport Management

Last February, the FrenchTechFriday covered the very young startup Esport Management. This startup was moving fast and hard so much so that barely 4 months later, it’s time for an update.

The hurrying startup

Created on March 2017 by two ex-gamers, Esport Management strikes by its hurry in everything. Quick to launch, quick to draw investors, quick to expand. Being one of the first in the team management and recruiting domain, it is justified. In the startup world, it is rare to get a medal for being second.
In just a few months, Esport Management has set up a team, found investors and launched a platform in October. Last February, the team was happy to claim they had quickly gained 500 users.

Now it’s 20 000 users

Those 500 users have swelled into 20,000 daily users and 2,100 teams have signed up. Eager to train, improve, find a team and, maybe, strike it big, gamers have flocked to the platform.
Teams find there all they need to organize training sessions, recruit new players and deal with the logistics of competitions.

2,000,000 Euros raised

This month’s big news is the fundraising. This first round raised 1.5 million Euros with individual investors and an extra 500,000€ came from BPI-France (French public investment bank).
With this whopping 2,000,000 Euros, the team which already counts over 20 souls, can hire some more and develop new functionalities.

Development in functionalities and international expansion

Founders Tristan Bergeur and Guillaume Golfieri are working to enhance the current platform. They will include Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and plans are underway to offer the service on a worldwide scale.
The Partner Interface and a marketplace will be deployed. This way, teams will find relevant contacts and offers from partners in the travel industry, game industry, accessories business.
They will also thrive to recruit the best talents to further reinforce the technical and marketing teams. After all, They’re standing at the very best spot to detect the rising starts of esport.

A startup to follow

In such a short time, Esport Management has managed to draw players and teams. The lean approach has helped in getting a quick start and widening the gap with upcoming competition. This fundraising is also a good indicator of the investor’s interest in the endeavor. There should be more interesting stages to come as Esport Management gets more XP. We’ll keep you updated as they level up.