#FrenchTechFriday: the gardian angels of WaryMe

#FrenchTechFriday: the gardian angels of WaryMe

Being wary is now second nature in France. Terror attacks have made sure of that. Being wary is also a requirement in any establishment open to a large number of people. The French Tech startup WaryMe makes sure all are safe and sound.
The WaryMe idea
Five years ago, Boris Berger and Philippe Lima came up with the idea of WaryMe. They were working then on proprietary safety/security solutions for their companies. They decided to design an app capable of securing any establishment.
What is the procedure when “something bad” happens in any company? First, sound the alert. Then take out the manual: usually a fat binder somewhere in an office. Who does what? Two-way communications are partial, can’t be sure everyone is in the loop. In the end, one just hopes things turn out ok.
This is not good enough for the WaryMe team.
A comprehensive approach to emergencies 
Using available technology, namely smartphones and the WaryMe app, anyone on site can report a safety/security issue.
All people present on site can then be alerted via notifications.
WaryMe steps away from existing alert apps by also providing the crisis plan. Instead of running around looking for that binder, all registered users receive the do-to list on their phone. Each can take on tasks and report. The smartphone of the person who launched the alarm also serves as a walkie-talkie broadcasting the surrounding sounds. Very convenient when the launcher can’t speak. Recorded sounds can be played again if necessary.
In what circumstances can WaryMe become handy? Basically in any establishment/situation. Fire in a building, intrusion in a school, Terror attack in a mall… WaryMe fills a gap. When an extraordinary event occurs, most are unprepared despite the crisis plan. WaryMe helps everyone present find his place in the emergency response organization.
The WaryMe team
WaryMe is almost a year old now. The idea dates back 5 years but the concept was highly dependant on people equipped with GPS- camera-accelerometer-phones. Just about any phone now offers these features.
The team of four (plus interns) has quite a dense roadmap ahead including the use of AI to detect odd behavior in users (crowd movement). This will help launch an early alert and monitor the crowds. Recruiting will take place later in the year to develop and promote WaryMe.
WaryMe for others
The team is also working on an API to provide the WaryMe tech in existing solutions. An app called App-Elle helps report violence against women. The app provides a simple way to call for help, contact designated numbers while sending a picture along with the GPS location. The organization Resonantes received the WaryMe API to further expand the app. It will now be able to share the surrounding sounds thus helping evaluate the degree of immediate danger.
Secure the Olympic Games
WaryMe has a promise and a challenge. It is the only system that addresses all three parts of an emergency: the alert, the mass communication and the execution of the crisis plan. The upcoming challenge is to break away from designated buildings – or construction sites – to protect the public space. There is kind of a big thing coming up in 2024, in Paris: the Olympic Games. This leaves time for WaryMe to develop their system and help provide secure games to the world.