#FrenchTechFriday: Can Arvey take you somewhere?

#FrenchTechFriday: Can Arvey take you somewhere?

The area of new mobilities is still in hyper-growth mode. But despite what Uber may imply, there is room left for newcomers. French startup Arvey is securing its spot with a more relevant and ethical approach.

An “across the corridor” partnership

Arvey’s story starts with the two founders working in separate startups across from each other. Both are located in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Matthieu Waeteraere and David Persil began their collaboration by calling upon each other’s services. Soon, they decided to team up for a new entity. They would provide a platform for on-demand private drivers.

But how can Arvey make its mark when Uber is around?

Ideas came flowing in as early as 2015 and the startup was created in 2016. The first version of the app was launched in 2016.
Obviously, one wonders how Arvey can fight off leaders of the likes of Uber.
The answer is by going where Uber is not and by offering a service they lack. Also by being more respectful of ethical issues related to drivers.
Uber’s logic is to fight off taxis in the biggest French cities. Arvey takes a different path: settling down in smaller cities, offering quality service and working in good intelligence with taxis.
Arvey aims to provide quality service to a wide range of users including higher-end professional customers. Although Arvey works with private drivers, taxis are not the enemy. Some might even be included in the journey if they turn out to be the wisest choice to satisfy the client’s demand.
Higher end options are available for premium offers.

On the ethical side

If Uber seemed, at first, the ideal service to avoid costly taxis in France, the model slowly turned into a low-cost second class service. Worse, the image of exploited drivers working long hours for mediocre wages scores badly with customers.
Arvey’s founders are conscious of the drivers’ lack of knowledge on how to set reasonable prices. They provide tools to help produce a fair and coherent offer. The fact that one of the founders used to be a private driver makes it easier to understand what support drivers need.

The Arvey team and the future

The team is working hard on the new update and might expand later in the year.
This new platform is highly expected by clients as well as drivers. The more specific requests will be better addressed and drivers will have a better tool to manage their missions.
More drivers will be recruited too (interested?)

The next stages of development

Arvey is at a very exciting stage: the release of the new platform brings high expectations. The team aims to enter the closed circle of the major players and expand the number of cities covered as well as their services.
A fundraising is expected sometime next year as Arvey shifts gear.
As Uber seems to have its mind set on smaller cities, it looks like might find unexpected rivalry.