#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY: Show your skills with Amazjob

#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY: Show your skills with Amazjob

Team Amazjob

Not every day, do you get to witness the debut of a new startup. Yet, this is the case for Amazjob, a French Tech startup that launched its platform just a few weeks ago. And it could be a game changer.

“We all have skills, why not share them?”

This is the basis of Alexandre François’ idea. Everybody has skills besides those used in the workplace. Seldom are they used outside of home although everyone could benefit from them. This is not new. Services platforms have blossomed. Most of them offer the same thing: an exchange of services. A good Samaritan platform in a way.

How about getting paid?

The real difference with Amazjob is that people (here called “jobbers”) get paid for their hardship. The “needers”, those in need of a service, also get benefits through the platform. Partnerships have been sealed with insurance companies to cover the services. This makes a big difference with other platforms. How would you feel about asking someone on the internet to do some plumbing work over at your house? Completely trusting or slightly worried. What if you knew the job was covered by such a big company as Axa?

The origins of the idea

Alexandre is one of those do-it-all individuals. Entrepreneur yet handyman and musician (amongst other things). Sure, he had seen online social networks that connect people but not all jobs are equal. For bigger jobs, people tend to ask professionals, yet many individuals are quite capable even though they don’t make a living out of it.
It’s after being asked repeatedly for some handiwork that he got the idea.

Modular platform

The vision of Amazjob is not just to connect the jobber and the needer. There is a long-term vision with the hope that the benefits of the service will prompt people to go through the platform even when already connected. Several extra modules make up Amazjob albeit not all are running yet. They encompass “price negotiation”, “gamification”, “jobber coaching”, smart emails and smart push. “Amazcamp” is the community’s thinktank. The aim is to create communities of ambassadors and offer each jobber a chance to upgrade their skills.

The French Tech Grant

This creative solution came to the attention of the French Tech that awarded a 30 000 € grant to develop the concept. Not only did the platform come to life very recently but the first deal has been made last week. The team approached university students in the Rennes vicinity as they are early adopters of any solution to make a little money. But this is just a first step, the service is by no means meant to restrict the type of jobbers.

The team

Besides jack-of-all-trades Alexandre, the team of four will expend this year. Currently, Valentin, Sophie, Marion and Antoine cover all the development both business and web. They will soon get some reinforcement with interns and new employees. Their motto is Carpe Diem. Make something great and enjoy it every step of the way.
Make sure you keep an eye on Amazjob: if testing is currently taking place in Brittany, the whole of France is next on the roadmap. And by the way, what is YOUR skill?