Slush Asia 2016

Slush Asia 2016

slush_2016_ftI’ve written before about how European startups should consider prioritizing Asia (even before the U.S.) in their global expansion. Many overlooked Asian countries – particularly Japan and South East Asia – represent open fields of opportunity, either for customer expansion or revenue enhancement. They also represent fertile ground for innovation, which can close the feedback loop and inspire further development in the mature markets of Europe.

Arguably Europe’s best tech conference – Slush – opened in Japan last year to bring their zany brand of energy to Asia’s tech ecosystem. In just its inaugural year in 2015, Slush Asia proved a monumental success.

Guess what? They’re doing it again. On May 13-14 in Tokyo, Slush Asia will hold its second edition.

I had promised my friends at Slush to deliver a few speakers for the conference. In typical Finnish gratitude, they’ve given me 5 discounted VIP tickets for ambitious French startups (2 for non-French European startups – it is after all the Year of Franco-Japanese Innovation!). Feel free to contact me if interested.