Invoxia’s Triby becomes first non-Amazon product to include Alexa

Invoxia’s Triby becomes first non-Amazon product to include Alexa


Paris-based Invoxia announced today that Triby, its family communication device, is now available with Amazon’s Alexa voice-activated service.

Until now, Amazon’s Echo has been the primary voice-activated device that consumers could purchase that offered Alexa functionality. The device has proven to be a surprising hit for Amazon and has won positive critical reviews.

Using simple voice commands, users can ask the Echo to play music, control the volume, ask questions about the weather and traffic, and use it to control other connected devices in the house.

Last year, Invoxia announced that had received backing from Amazon’s Alexa Fund, a program to help other device manufacturers integrate Alexa into their gadgets. Today, that service goes live.

“As a company with a specialty in creating speakers and telecoms devices, we are excited by the world of possibilities consumer products like Triby offer families to improve their lives,” said Sébastien de la Bastie, managing director of Invoxia. “Our expertise in far field voice capture and connected devices helped us integrate the Alexa Voice Service quickly, and now the already multi-functional Triby becomes even more versatile and intelligent, giving people access to continually evolving cloud-based content and services.”

The cost of the Triby is $199, and it also offers the ability to send messages and make Internet-based phone calls. The device, with its magnetic back, is meant to be mounted in the kitchen so family members can listen to music or stream radio stations.