10 ridiculous humble brags recently spotted on Twitter

10 ridiculous humble brags recently spotted on Twitter

rudevc_davos_selfieMany of these could pass for satire but I’m pretty certain their authors intended them in full seriousness.

  1. Great idea, very similar to what I advocated in my TED talk last year
  2. Flattered to be quoted alongside Peter Thiel in this TechCrunch article
  3. Could barely keep up with Chris McCormack in my first Ironman
  4. Still struggling to cross that 100,000 followers threshold
  5. Just my luck, this BA flight from London is out of caviar in first today
  6. Wrapping up my meeting with <famous person>. http://t.co/<selfie of me and famous person>
  7. And here I thought I had built a highly scaleable architecture, boy did I underestimate the traction of this app!
  8. Thinking about a safari in Tanzania. Should we do a side trip to Seychelles? Is it worth it?
  9. Ouch, just spent $1,234 on Apple gear today
  10. Still procrastinating on which personal anecdotes to use in my keynote at Davos tomorrow