Marie Quantier’s robot advisory tool gives us all access to Wall Street gains

Marie Quantier’s robot advisory tool gives us all access to Wall Street gains


If only Marie Quantier, the female pioneer in investment in 1907 who managed to go through the worst time of capitalism seeing her wealth prosper, knew her name is today associated to a 12 employee startup !

After launching on stage at Paris Founders in 2014 after three years of product development, the five cofounders continue applying Marie Quantier’s investment diversification almost a century later (with a lot more data analysis, automatization and a website obviously). Their empowered low-cost investment tool just raised €1.5 Million from three undisclosed business angels from the finance world to help the startup develop its technological platform.

We need the state of the art platform to be the best by far so it means more data, a better user interface etc” – Mathieu Hamel, CEO of Marie Quantier.

The robot-advisor behind the startup guides you via personalized recommendations, giving you optimal portfolio recommendations depending on market conditions and your risk profile – all for just for €5.99/month (with a minimum investment amount of €5000 required to use the tool). The tool will diversify your portfolio into up to 550 companies in the US and Europe in 10 different sectors, identify trends, benchmark international indicators and quantify tools to downsize the risk. Marie Quantier merges finance and technology to help us regularly consumers who don’t trust banks and hedge funds get access to cutting edge fintech technology.

Today, their clients are very diversified: they include men & women (42%) from 22 to 86 years old. He added “with investment sizes ranging from €5,000 to €20 million ” – that’s a pretty amazing sign of trust for such a young startup!

Major players don’t seem keen on these small actors who want to be game-changers. According to the CEO, “2016 will be all about building a better platform, making sure clients are making money and evangelize on their alternative to invest by yourself when you wish. In the long term, we wish to continue being transparent on the markets and empower more free-minders with a profitable and useful business.”

They have a solid algorithm and an impressive team, of course – but when meeting them, I was mostly impressed by their optimistic vision. Via Marie Quantier, they want to go against the major French trend by betting on a better future (via long term investments and a lot of R&D) for generations to come. By helping us understand the investment world, they are making finance more attainable for all of us.