Kick off 2016 right – join #ParisFounders as we bring the Startup Nation to Paris!

Kick off 2016 right – join #ParisFounders as we bring the Startup Nation to Paris!

Paris Founders Event - NYC Edition - Image by Dan Taylor -

After bringing together 2500 founders, investors, entrepreneurs, developers & journalists in 2015, #ParisFounders returns in 2016, bigger than ever. #ParisFounders has become the place for startups to launch on stage – our alumni have raised rounds, succeeded in crowdfunding campaigns, been accepted to YC, and even acquired – and we’ve continued to bring on stage founders who were making headlines in Paris & around the world. Lastly, we worked hard this year to make #ParisFounders a place where companies, investors & service providers could reach out a helping hand to Founders and say “we’re here if you need us. Here’s how we think we can help.”

This past October, we zoomed in on the Paris-NYC connection, and in January, we’ll bring out Tel Aviv founders kicking butt in Paris, and some French founders kicking butt in Tel Aviv, and talk about the relationship between the Startup Nation & the Startup Republique. To do so, we’re partnering with Geek Time, Israel’s biggest tech blog, and Axis Innovation, a Tel Aviv-based boutique advisory firm that puts Investors & Startups from around Europe in touch. We’ll be announcing our Tel Aviv speakers in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Tickets have already been on sale for previous attendees these past two weeks, but now we’re opening them up to all founders, investors & other attendees. As usual, we have two separate tickets – general admission, to come see what happens on stage & network – and our VIP tickets, which give you access to the pre-event apéro where you can meet our founders who will be speaking, as well as our demo-ing founders, for an hour before the event starts.

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