Get inside the e-commerce bubble with Les meetings e-commerce

Get inside the e-commerce bubble with Les meetings e-commerce

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On October 12th and 13th, the Hôtel Le Méridien will open its door to Les meetings e-commerce, a full immersion in the e-commerce bubble that will allow professionals to improve their understanding of the technical competencies of the market and to promote their position and strengthen their network.

Competition is fierce in the e-commerce market, and most professionals tend to neglect the three pillars of their success: market vision, commercial reach and mobilization of a network. Les meetings e-commerce will strengthen all these driving forces with 24 top-notch conferences dealing with all the e-business trends, from big data to mobile marketing, from Geomarketing to outsourced CRM and many more. Check out the incredible list of keynotes here!

Addressed to different audiences (marketing and communications managers, SMEs and start-ups), the event has the goal to help them build customer loyalty and improve their current ROI. Beside the innovative sessions, what makes Les meetings e-commerce stand out is their one-to-one meetings and their intensive networking.

For more information about the event and to register online consult their site here!